Free Diving Course
First Level – Apnea Academy

The course Apnea Academy First Level represents the first approach to free-diving with a complete basic equipment. The objective of the course is to reach controlled free-diving by applying relaxation and breathing techniques in order to reach following performances: 1’45” static apnea, 30 m in dynamic and 8 m in depth.

Our courses cover the following topics:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Yoga and its influence on compensation and breathing
  • Special techniques for constant and variable weight with and without fins (bifins and monofin)
  • Free fall technique.
  • Advanced tympanic compensation techniques.
  • Specific training in the sea, pool and land
  • Diets and nutrition
  • Physiology, championship planning, etc …


  • International diving insurance for the duration of the course
  • Apnea Academy International approved international degree.
  • Theoretical kit – Audiovisual (1 GB of Info, video and photos)
  • Practices from coast and boat
  • Practices in the pool, in the Tenerife Top Training, the most modern high performance center in Europe and in the Next Sport of Adeje, where high-level athletes from the Canary Islands train
  • Reduced price accommodation next to our center

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