This course is designed for all the lovers of spearfishing

Relaxation, breathing and spearfishing techniques will be taught while respecting the environment and learning about the life of the most common fish that inhabit our seas.

To enjoy this sport with responsibility.

  • 2 days- 4 hours/day
  • Equipment and insurance included
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A few things to take into account

Permitted zone

There are only few permitted zone in Tenerife where you can do spearfishing. Depending on the sea conditions, the course take place in one of them (usually from T5 to T9)

Minimum sizes

Some species of fishing/shellfish interest have established a minimum capture size, thus guaranteeing that the specimens have lived long enough to have had offspring. Compliance with these regulations protects the future of fishing resources.


In order to carry out the activity of recreational fishing, it is mandatory to be in possession of the corresponding valid fishing license. The process to obtain this license can be done online or in person at any of the related administrative offices.


To practice spearfishing you need to be familiar with freediving. Consider to start with a freediving course if you never practice it. Ask for info and we’ll prepare a course pack adapted to spearfisheng