Enjoy the sea and have fun with your friends

“Walking in the sea” in the natural area of La Caleta

Swimming along the coast, with all your equipment (suit, mask, snorkel and fins), accompanied by a monitor who will dive, throughout the walk, taking photos of each one of them and sharing them with the group and giving the respective explanations of the living beings that are in that trip.


Discover Scuba Diving in the natural area of La Caleta

The purpose of a try dive is to discover in a quick and controlled way the wonderful world that awaits us under the sea. This is the first step for those people who are not sure if they will like diving. It is usually also an option chosen by many who want to make a gift to someone who is curious to discover what diving is, before deciding to do a course itself. This activity is carried out in a very controlled way. Hand in hand with an Instructor, you will make a complete immersion enjoying all the marine life, and the contact with the water with total security and comfort.


Boat Excursion to visit underwater Lava Tongues

This excursion, unique in the Canary Islands, aims to show visitors to Tenerife how volcanic activity from underwater has made incredible forms of stone. We will stop at several lava tongues where you will go down and snorkel. The instructor will take photos and videos, and you will have a nice souvenir of how the volcano has penetrated the sea and created incredibly wonderful shapes.


Scuba Diving Course OWD

The international qualification you will obtain allows you to dive (without the obligation of being accompanied by a diving professional) with a dive buddy, within a depth of 18 meters (60 feet).


Free Diving Course 1st Level 
Apnea Academy

It represents the first approach to free diving. The objective of the course is to achieve apnea by applying relaxation and breathing techniques to achieve the following performances: static apnea of 1’45 “, 30 m in dynamic and 8 m in depth.