Apnea Academy West Europe organizes an apnea instructor course in Tenerife with the famous Umberto Pelizzari in front. Tenerife is the only place in the world where these teachings are taught in Spanish.

The course emphasizes the training of instructors as well as the development of their technique and interpretation. Participants must meet certain requirements and be able to perform different apnea exercises to be part of it.

The fourth edition of the Apnea instructors course will take place the first week of October 2017, from October 1 to 8, at its headquarters in La Caleta, in Costa Adeje and will address relaxation, breathing, physiology, respiratory system, nutrition , communication techniques, teaching methods and psychology apart from dealing with the theory of static, dynamic apnea, constant weight and variable weight. In addition, the teaching of Apnea Academy, its rules and the sequence of exercises will be discussed.

Freediving is one of the most popular emerging extreme sports, which is based on the voluntary suspension of breathing in water while traveling long distances or descending to great depths. This very particular activity practices the descent to the depth of the sea to free lung, that is, without traditional diving equipment.

Classes will be taught by different specialists in each subject to be treated and will have a luxury teacher, Umberto Pelizzari. This renowned Italian apneist, has won all world records in free lung diving and the gold medal in the World Team Apnea Championship. In addition, he has co-authored several books on this type of free lung diving, has worked as a columnist and reporter for several television programs and has participated in the film Oceanmen. In recent years he teaches at the prestigious University of Palermo and at the Santa Anna High School in Pisa. He is founder of the Apnea Academy with several locations around the world, of which the last one is Apnea Academy West Europe, in the South of Tenerife whose director is the famous Canarian apneist Paco Gónzalez Castro.

The course has the invaluable collaboration of the City Council of Adeje, Tourism of Tenerife, Sports of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Marina del Sur, the port of Las Galletas, in Arona and Baobab Suites and its Activate Sport Club center.

Umberto Pelizzari will remain on the island during the first week of October at the headquarters of Apnea West Academy Europe and on Sunday October 8 he will visit Marina del Sur Tenerife, the port of Las Galletas from where he will depart to visit the magnificent seabed of the municipality of Arona and Adeje, in particular the area of ​​Costa Adeje where its International Academy resides.





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