At 5 years of age he swims perfectly and at 17 he has already participated in 11 important championships. In 1984 he began to devote himself to apnea professionally. The first world record is conquered in 1988, when the first record of static apnea is established with the time of 5´33´´. On May 19, 1990 he reconquered the World Cup with the time of 6´03´´ beating the French record Philippe Goasse of 5´50´´.

On July 12, 1990 he obtained a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Milan.

On November 10 of that same year, in the waters of Porto Azzurro, it amazes everyone obtaining in the difficult discipline of constant weight a new world record with the level of -65m., Surpassing in 3 m. the one established 2 months before by the Cuban Pipin Ferreras.

Before the record of static apnea of ​​the Frenchman Michael Bader with the time of 6´40´´, on July 9, 1991, in Hawaii, Umberto again achieves the summit of world apnea with a record of 7´02´´88 hundredths

In October of that same year he has in his possession all the possible records in the world of apnea: -67m in the constant weight modality; -95m. in variable weight (improving in 15m. the previous one of Pipin Ferreras) and in the risky modality of no limits it gets -118m.

In 1992, in September he reconquered the first world position with -70m. Pipin Ferreras overthrow that had obtained the record in May of that same year.

On October 11, 1993 establishes a new record in descent no limits, touching the level of -123m. Brand that was beaten by the Cuban Pipin placing it at -125m.

On July 24, 1994, in Cala Gonone-Dorgali (Sardinia) conquers the new world record of apnea in variable weight, reaching -101m.

In July 1995, he obtained two new world records: -72m. in constant weight (July 16) and -105m. in variable weight.

In 1996, he surprised the world of underwater activities again with two new records: September 9 with -75m. in constant weight and on September 20 descends to -115m.

In 1997 Pelizzari sponsors ADMO (International Association for the Donation of Bone Marrow). On September 12, 1998, during a unique exhibition Umberto Pelizzari emulates the deed of a Greek fisherman, Georghios Haggi Statti, descending to -100m. In a time of 2’43´´ with the particularity that I do it without a suit, without glasses, without fins and taken to a stone of 7 Kg of weight.

In 1999 he returns as a protagonist to the world competition scene. Relying on the organization of the XXXIX Nautical Hall of Genoa, on October 18, in the Bay of Porto Fino sets the new world apnea record in the constant weight modality, with the depth of -80 m.

Also, on October 24, with the technical support of the Antero ship, belonging to the Italian Military Navy, Umberto opens a new field in the underwater and medical world with -150m. in decline no limits. With a dive of 2´57´´. Umberto begins to touch the known limit of the man in deep apnea.

He is currently present in the main cities of the world invited by the different organizations of Nautical Halls giving prestige to these events.


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