Manager of the company Freediving Projects S.C in the City of Adeje, manager of the municipal school of integral aquatic formation of Adeje.

President for the West Atlantic of Apnea Academy West Europe the world school of Umberto Pelizzari.

Responsible for security, emergencies and training at Siam Park in 2009.



  • Technician in water rescue and lifeguard. Private company SERVIAC EM. MADRID 2005
  • Marketing training and sports sponsorship. Cabildo of Tenerife. 2004
  • Skipper of tall vessels (yacht skipper) Portugal. 2000
  • Naval Radiotelephonist. Portugal 2000
  • Sports diving instructor. FEDAS / CMAS 2 stars level 3. Trained in Benalmádena. 1998
  • Dan oxygen provider. For emergencies in underwater accidents. Pomegranate. 1998
  • International apnea instructor. By the organization “Apnea Academy Internacional de Umberto Pelizzari”. Obtained in 1998, with successive recycling
  • Skipper on pleasure boats. Taught by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Government of the Canary Islands. 1997
  • Master in physical culture and sport by the national federation of judo and applied disciplines (FEIJIDA). Orthos Barcelona 1995
  • Earth, water and sea lifeguard. Taught by the Red Cross between 1995/2006, with their corresponding recycling
  • Instructor of FEDAS / CMAS, in the following specialties: night diving, in caves, with nitrox, in wrecks, adapted, deep, administration of oxygen and first aid
  • Fishing and apnea instructor, level two of FEDAS / CMAS
  • Sports diving instructor. For the organization ACUC.INT
  • Activity monitor (aerobics, fit, gap, step, bodypump)
  • Monitor hydrotherapy techniques
  • Personal trainer



  • Classified for the championship of Canary Islands of photographers 2011 in La Caleta El Hierro
  • Runner-up beach viva las quarries in 2010 hunting
  • Runner-up Tenerife video capture 2010
  • Member of the security team of the Spanish photographic hunting championship in El Hierro 2010
  • First apnea Academy instructor in Spain to reach 2000 students from 1998 to 2005
  • Participant in the November 2009 World Cup in the Bahamas individual AIDA
  • Classified with the national AIDA team to attend the 2010 World Cup by AIDA teams in Okinawa, Japan
  • First instructor who, with an academy of underwater activities, teaches free days throughout Spain for children between 4 and 12 years old with official apnea titles Academy discovery, promoting psychomotor skills and apnea games among the youngest. More than 300 children throughout the territory have received their diploma
  • Coach and substitute in the Bahamas AIDA world championship with the Spanish AIDA apnea team
  • Spanish national apnea apnea member in 2007, 2008 and 2009, as captain / coach and participant
  • Third ranked absolute in jump-blue. 2007. Spain fedas cmas Championship
  • Runner-up in dynamic apnea mode. 2007. Spain fedas cmas Championship
  • Participant in the event “world apnea apnea”. Egypt 2006
  • Fourth place in the general of the “championship of Spain fighter-hunting apnea”. Menorca 2006
  • Runner-up of the Canary Islands in “apioshunter”. 2006
  • Champion of Tenerife in “apioshunter”. 2006
  • Selected for the “Spanish apnea championship”. 2006
  • Fourth place in the “apnea canary championship”. 2006
  • Tenerife runner-up in static, jump-blue and dynamic. 2006
  • Champion of Tenerife of apnea in constant weight, with better official mark of discipline in fedas with -54 m. 2006
  • Classifieds for the Canary Islands underwater fishing championships, individual and by couple from 1995 to 2006
  • 11th classified in the championship of Spain, “hunting photo apnea”. Saint Sebastian. 2004
  • Runner-up of the Canary Islands “hunting photo apnea”. 2004
  • Runner-up of Tenerife “fighter-hunting apnea”. 2004
  • Captain of the national team of apnea in the World Cup in Ibiza 2001, obtaining the 11th place, where he was in charge of organizing the team of safety apneists for the test
  • Runner-up of Spain of individual apnea. Barcelona. 2001
  • Champion of Spain of apnea, with the Canarian team. Barcelona. 2001
  • Runner-up of apnea canaries. The silos, Tenerife. 2001
  • Runner-up of Spain apnea with the Canarian team. Catalonia. 1999
  • Member of the Spanish apnea team, in the “world apnea”, obtaining the 8th place in teams. Sardinia 1998
  • 4th position in the “Spanish apnea championship”. Barcelona. Picroenll pools. 1998
  • Champion of Tenerife apnea. 1998
  • Canary apnea champion. 1998
  • 4th Pescasub Island Championship in pairs. 1998
  • 3rd Pescasub Island Championship per couple in 1996 and 1997
  • Pescasub island runner-up per couple. 1995



  • Organizer of the I open villa of Adeje of apnea indoor in the Tenerife top training t3, with the first championship of underwater shooting canaries. Year 2015.
  • Organizer of the first and second courses, in the world for the training of instructors in Spanish of the international academy of underwater activities free lung “Apnea Academy international”, Tenerife. Costa Adeje. – April- 2011 and November 2013
  • Organization and direction of “canaries in apnea with Umberto Pelizzari”, with international reach. 2000
  • Talks in schools, institutes, and social premises on marine biology and training notions in underwater activities.
  • Development of the “Kids as Dolphins” program for the enhancement of psychomotor skills in the aquatic environment in children aged 4 to 12 years.
  • Collaborator, organizer and referee judge in the Spanish championship of Pescasub in pairs. La Gomera 1996
  • Director and organizer of the 1st day of training of sports technicians in the c.i.d.e.m.a.t. with the name “conference for the development of the sport of Pescasub and apnea among trainers”
  • Apnea conferences in nautical salons such as: Gran Canaria 2003, Barcelona 2001, Paris 2000 ..
  • Organizer and collaborator in “the day of the diver of Tenerife” in the years 2000 and 2001
  • Organizer of important underwater fishing events in the Canary Islands, including the only one that has been held on the island of El Hierro
  • Director and public relations in different events carried out in various municipalities of the island of Tenerife. To bring water activities to children and youth
  • Editor of projects on tourism interrelationships and leisure activities



  • First athlete in the history of the Spanish federation to qualify the same year for three championships in Spain in different activities: apnea, video capture and videosub
  • Distinguished in 2007 as an underwater activities athlete
  • Distinction of the Canary Islands government in 2004 and 2005 for its work in the promotion of aquatic activities in the islands of Tenerife and Lanzarote


The only Spanish athlete to participate in 7 Apnea World Cups, both as a participant / organizer or captain.

  • SARDINIA 1998
  • IBIZA 2001
  • EGYPT SHARM 2008
  • BAHAMAS 2009



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