You can do different courses and stage with us.

Workshop apnea
80 .00
  • 4 hours
190 .00
  • 5 hours/day

Apnea workshop is aimed at people who want to try free diving to experience harmony with the underwater world.

You will receive theoretical classes, static and dynamic tests in the pool, immersion in the sea, relaxation and breathing techniques.You will receive an attendance diploma, photos and videos of your experience.

Apnea Academy courses
330 .00
350 .00
370 .00
420 .00
  • 5 hours/day

Our courses cover the following topics:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Yoga and its influence on compensation and breathing
  • Special techniques for constant and variable weight with and without fins (bialeta and monoaleta)
  • Free fall technique. Freefall
  • Advanced tympanic compensation techniques. Including Mouthfill and Frenzel
  • Specific training in the sea, pool and land
  • Diets and nutrition
  • Physiology, championship planning, etc …


  • International diving insurance and apnea for the chosen duration
  • Apnea Academy International approved international degree. At the end of the training and after passing the evaluation of the Instructor. It consists of a diploma and an accreditation card of the level or specialty carried out
  • Theoretical kit – Audiovisual (1 GB of Infor, video and photos)
  • Practices from boat
  • Practices in the pool, in the Tenerife Top Training, the most modern high performance center in Europe and in the Next Sport of Adeje, where high-level athletes from the Canary Islands train
  • Free or reduced price accommodation next to our center
Freediving Stage
420 .00

6 days, 4 hours/day

Freediving Training

We can plan the training from the coast or with our boats. Also in the high performance sports center T3 and Activate Sports Center. Ask us for information and we will give you a plan that suits your time and knowledge.


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