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The next Apnea Academy Instructor Course in English is programmed from the 10th to 16th of October 2021, in La Caleta, in the south of the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain).

The duration of the course is 7 days.

The Instructor Course will address topics of relaxation, breathing, physiology of respiratory and ear systems, diet, techniques of communication, teaching methods, psychology and group control, with lectures given by expert specialists in each field.

Furthermore the AA teaching system, its standards, and the sequence of exercises will be discussed.

Theory of Static and Dynamic apnea, Constant and Variable Weight freediving will be treated.

Practical exercises will include techniques of breathing and relaxation at the various levels, group control in pool and sea.

All students will be filmed in order to analyze their technique.

The course places emphasis on the formation of an instructor as much as the development of their technique and performance.

For all sea sessions will be used the AA West Europe Freediving Center located at La Caleta.

8 minutes walking from the Apnea Center, the Tenerife Top Training Center ( ) will host all pool sessions, theory lessons, breathing and relaxation sessions.

For the Instructor Course, we suggest to the candidates Hotel Hovima Jardin Caleta ( because it’s cheap and very close to the Apnea Center and T3, for contact and reserve your accomodation you can call directly Srta. Heike +34 922 78 27 55 / Ext.118 from Monday to Friday, from  10.00  to  17.00,  she can help you with the reservation and offer you the best price.

If you have other question about services in the place, equipment or any other doubts, contact Paco Gonzalez Castro at or send a WhatsApp at +34 652 19 62 19

In any case,  anybody is free to go where he prefers.

Candidates will receive a specific form with all costs, contacts and information for reservations.

As you can see from the satellite-map attached, the Hotel (the red star in the map attached), the Apnea Center (the red circle in the map attached ) and the Tenerife Top Training Center (the red square in the map attached ) are all very close.

If you like to check the area, on Googlemap ‘La Caleta, Tenerife’.

Other than Umberto Pelizzari, the teaching staff will be made up of some of the most respected experts in the various relevant fields and a selection of the most expert Apnea Academy Instructors.

Also Carlos Coste, Stig Severinsen, WilliamTrubridge, Miguel Lozano, Sara Campbell, Manolis Yankos and and many other champions are Apnea Academy Instructors.

To be admitted to the course the candidate must be able to perform perfectly all exercises included in the Manual of Freediving (Idelson & Gnocchi), and be capable of:

– static apnea of 4:30 minutes

– dynamic apnea of 80mt

– dynamic no-fins at 60mt

– constant weight freedive (with bi-fins) of 35mt

Instructors who are successful in the evaluation at the end of the course will become members of the Apnea Academy and will be able to hold AA freediving courses of 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd level, Apnea Discovery and Apnea Stages, within the teaching structure of the Apnea Academy, school for the instruction and research and freediving.

All AA courses and stages are at this link.

For INSCRIPTION and further technical information, contact

Detailed information

Instructor course program

For inscription write to

The price for the Instructor Course is 795 euros

Minimum requirements for admission to the course are:

  • swim perfectly freestyle and breaststroke
  • swim underwater breaststroke with perfect technique
  • static: 4:30” minutes
  • dynamic apnea: 80m with bi-fins
  • dynamic no-fins: 60m
  • constant weight freedive (with bi-fins): 35m
  • mastery of all exercises described in Manual of Freediving , Chapters 8 & 9
  • speak English
  • be an experienced freediver

It is also necessary to possess

  • personal freediving equipment, including wetsuit, mask, snorkel and bi-fins

(weights can be borrowed from the organisation)

  • Manual of Freediving
  • A Certificate of First Aid, valid in the country of citizenship
  • A valid medical certificate of fitness for subaquatic activity

The organisation will supply successful students with the official Apnea Academy uniform at the end of the course.


  • Monofins can be used, but are not obligatory. Traditional freediving bi-fins are however compulsory to the course.

Manual of Freediving , underwater on a single breath

by U. Pelizzari, S. Tovaglieri

Ed. Idelson Gnocchi

You can buy it on Amazon


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