The south of Tenerife offers you the best conditions to learn surfing all year long. Every surf lesson lasts 2 hours and it includes:

  • Warming up;
  • Surf technique lesson on board at the beach;
  • A lot of surf in the water with custom training; depending on your level, we get in the water
  • wearing fins → we stabilise your board and make your standing up easier.
  • with a board → we follow your waves from the very first moment until the very last!
  • Post-surf stretching session.
  • Lesson debriefing with some last advice to keep on improving!


Surf  Lesson For Kids

Surf  Lesson Form Kids

Surf is the best sport to learn when you are a kid! Thanks to their great balance skills, kids usually manage to stand up on the board very fast.

In order to guarantee your kid’s safety, the surf instructor will always be behind the board to stabilise it and take control of it if necessary. This also helps your kid to move backward and forward on the board and start to make the first steps for their future surfing.

For a good and safe learning, kids up to 12 years old will receive a private lesson with a ratio of 1 instructor : 1 kid (2-hour single private lesson – €75*)



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