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You can perform different activities and courses with us:


It is a good way to enter the world of diving. With the help of goggles, the tube, the fins and neoprene can closely observe the animals that inhabit shallow waters off Caleta Adeje.

Price: 35 €

Baptisms diving:

The purpose of a baptism of diving is to find a quick and controlled the wonderful world that awaits us under the sea way. This is the first step for those who do not have very clear if diving will like. Usually also it is an option chosen by many who want to make a gift to someone who is curious to find out what is diving, before deciding to take a course itself.

This activity is carried out in a very controlled manner. Hand of an instructor, you will make a complete immersion enjoying all marine life, and contact with the water in complete safety and comfort.

Price: 55 € (If after you dare to make a diving course with us, you will be deducted from those 55 € of the course fee).


For those who have the required and existing insurance qualifications, organized daily departures from shore or boat, at different points along the coast noted for the beauty of its funds and / or the amount of life they support, depending on the state from the sea.

They include the entire team.


From coast: From 35 €.

From boat: From 45 €.


You can buy bonds for several dives, dives out cheaper this way.

Discounts for groups.


 We offer the possibility to get with us all the qualifications you want Protec, Fedas CMAS or Padi.

The courses are conducted according to the standards of the certification dive suits your taste. We are a Premium center of Protec and Protec well as instructors, we Fedas and Padi instructors.

Price: Between 285 € and 370 €, depending on the level and the certifier.

Specialty Courses:

You can also make us the specialties of night, deep diving, nitrox, photography, underwater navigation, oxygen, basic life support, etc.

Price: between 140 € and 190 €, depending on the specialty.


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